The Blue and Gold Alumni Scholarship is awarding its first scholarships in May 2021 to six graduating seniors of Elkin High School.  The mission of the scholarship is to empower financially-needy students to achieve a certification or associates degree in a vocational-technical field that is needed in the Elkin Community.  To receive the scholarship, the applicant must first apply for a Pell Grant from the government (if eligible), and the scholarship will assist with the balance of the tuition, fees, and associated costs.


Research has indicated that the Elkin Community mirrors the nations as a whole in experiencing a severe shortage of skilled workers, and the scholarship is awarded to students who seek training in those areas of need.

The six recipients of this year’s scholarship are:

  • Kayla Felts - Medical Technology, specializing in Nuclear Radiology at Forsyth Technical Community College

  • Katie Kellam – Nursing at Surry Community College  

  • Caleb Minton – CNC Machining at Surry Community College  

  • Thomas Kellam- Electrician at Surry Community College  

  • Brandon Mullis – Criminal Justice at Surry Community College  

  • Blane Macy – Fine & Commercial Art at Surry Community College 


If the recipients’ chosen vocations involve continuing their education for a 4-year degree, the scholarship aims to assist students to attain that degree also.  Funding for the organization has come mainly from donations by Elkin High School alumni but also from foundations and businesses connected to the Elkin Community.  The Chatham Foundation, G&B Energy, Weyerhaeuser, and Vulcan Materials have become partners in sponsoring this scholarship to promote education in technical fields needed by industry. 


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