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Financing the Scholarship


  • The scholarship was funded initially with an endowment by an alumnus.  The endowment was deposited into an account entitled The Blue and Gold Alumni Scholarship.  A portion of the principal amount of this endowment shall not be used to fund the scholarship directly but shall be invested to increase the size of the endowment.  The yield from investing the endowment funds may be reinvested or used to help fund the scholarship.

  • Donations by other alumni, proxy alumni, businesses, and foundations are added to the principal or used to directly finance the scholarship as needed.

  • The Scholarship Committee shall conduct fundraisers periodically to add monies to the principal and finance the scholarship directly.


Class Designations for Fundraising

All classes from 1950s to 2010 will be requested to have a Captain, Co-Captain and committee which will maintain a database of their classmates, encourage their classmates to contribute to the fund yearly, tap into sources of funding inside and outside their classes, and conduct fundraisers as appropriate.  When classes pass specific milestones in their history as alumni, these groups shall be designated for honorary membership in the Blue and Gold Alumni Scholarship and strongly encouraged to contribute to the scholarship fund and possibly include the foundation in their estate planning. 

  • Less than 10-years since graduation:  Blue Elks

  • 10 year anniversary of graduation: Bronze Elks

  • 25 year anniversary: Silver Elks

  • 50 Year anniversary: Golden Elks

  • 60+Year anniversary:  Platinum Elks

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