Eligibility / qualifications

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Financial Need:  The applicant’s family income should not be more than 75% above the Federal Government’s definition of poverty.  The Federal formula is based on total family income and the number of dependents in the household.  Since the cost of living is lower in Surry County than many counties and states in the US, that fact would give more leniency to our definition of needy. See chart below for income definition of poverty line.  On the application form, the student will be asked to identify his/her parents’ or guardians’ occupations as an indicator of income.  However, if an applicant’s family income is greater than the allowable amounts, the student has a right to request a variance due to extenuating circumstances, stating the reasons why he or she should be granted the variance. A student who is in foster care would not be required to submit proof of income as part of his/her application.

Grade Point Average:  It is preferable that the candidate have at least a C average, but if the student shows promise in other ways, s/he can still be considered for the scholarship.  The applicant’s SAT/ACT score may also be considered, but there will be no minimum score the applicant must meet. Scholarship winners are expected to maintain at least a “C” average in order to retain the scholarship.  However, if there are extenuating circumstances that caused a fall in grades, the recipient may file a petition to the Scholarship Committee, and the committee will render a fair hearing on whether to allow the scholarship to continue. 

Leadership & Participation: The applicant’s participation in student government, clubs, athletics, community service, youth organizations as well as job/work history will be considered. 

References:  Some consideration will be given to letters of reference written by the applicant’s teachers.  No references from town leaders, ministers or others will be considered.  The applicant may submit up to three such letters.

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