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Eligibility / qualifications

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Financial Need:  Need will be determined by whether the student qualifies for a Pell Grant.  If a student qualifies for any amount of the Pell Grant, it will be inferred that the student has financial need and will qualify to apply for the scholarship.

Grade Point Average:  It is preferable that the candidate have at least a C average, but if the student shows promise in other ways, s/he can still be considered for the scholarship.  The applicant’s SAT/ACT score may also be considered, but there will be no minimum score the applicant must meet. Scholarship winners are expected to maintain at least a “C” average in order to retain the scholarship.  However, if there are extenuating circumstances that caused a fall in grades, the recipient may file a petition to the Scholarship Committee, and the committee will render a fair hearing on whether to allow the scholarship to continue. The scholarship committee may also assist the student in receiving tutoring in fields where challenges are found in the student's preparation.

Leadership & Participation: The applicant’s participation in student government, clubs, athletics, community service, youth organizations as well as job/work history will be considered. 

References:  Since teachers are overloaded with writing references, references are optional and not required.  However, the scholarship committee may consult with the Guidance Counselor to obtain an opinion on whether the student can succeed on the college level.

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